'Tis the season for parties and table treats. Right around the corner is the season of regretting all the over-indulgence. You want to show off your cooking skills and not add to the calorie guilt. All the cooking shows you have been binging praise the "farm fresh egg" as the key to top-notch dishes - it turns out they are also nutrient-dense and low in calories!

If you keep chickens or buy eggs direct from a farmer you are working with fresh eggs. Many folks shy away from making deviled eggs, which are a party favorite because hard boiling eggs have frustrated many chefs.

Blame the membrane - it's egg-citing science!
Farm-fresh eggs have multiple membranes. In a fresh-laid egg the pH of the egg white is low and causes it to stick to the egg shell membrane tightly. As an egg ages those membranes break down - and thus their shells come off easily. Who knows how long you have to wait to have the membrane break down. Dozens of methods are out there

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