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  1. Use Plants to Keep Ticks Out

    We try to keep our home safe for our kids and pets. We dream about summer days where the door never closes - where everyone is running back and forth, full of laughter. The fun comes to a screeching halt when someone finds a tick crawling on themselves, and it sends everyone into a spin making sure they are tick-free.

    If you have never found a tick - you are lucky. The rest of us start thinking about Lyme Disease.

    This doesn't mean you need to cut down all your trees and pave over your backyard! Between discouraging deer from visiting and planting tick-repellent plants, you can keep ticks out!

    We LOVE planting herbs because not only do they help keep ticks

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  2. Our plan that gets the kids outside

    When we were kids...

    In the 80s a typical Saturday found kids watching cartoons in the morning until the educational programs would come on. He-Man, Transformers, G.I. Joe, Care Bears, Duck Tales - just a few of our favorites. Mothers would swoop through and turn off the tv and sweep the kids out the door saying things like "Go outside. Find something to do." And out we would go - and not come back until we were hungry.

    My kids have a "kid cave"

    I watch my own kids and see how comfortable their "kid cave" is - full of gaming systems, comfy chairs, big TVs, tablets, computers, and cell phones. I understand why they don't want to leave the "kid cave." When I compare where they are and what they are doing to have fun with what

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