know your food

  1. Pure - Raw - Local Honey and Why we Love it

    Blueberry, buckwheat or wildflower - which is your flavor of choice? No wonder honeybees do their little happy dance to let the rest of the hive know which flowers give the juiciest nectar - we would have been just as thrilled to find such unique and tasty flavors of the tasty amber treasure!

    What is Honey

    Honey is a sweet liquid created by honeybees who collect the sugary nectar of flowers from their surroundings. They retreat to their hive to eat, digest, and then regurgitate the liquid, which they store in small waxy units they build, called honeycombs. They flap their wings to fan it and evaporate the water. The resultant honey is viscous and sticky and serves as their winter food. 

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  2. 5 Differences between store-bought and farm-fresh

    As soccer parents, we spend a lot of time traveling to practices and coordinating game schedules. Over the bonding time, we created a great soccer family, and we get everyone together at least once each season for a pot-luck style party. During one of these parties, I was in the buffet line when I listened in to the little boys in front of me as they filled their plates.

    It was obvious that it wasn't their first time through the line. One little guy said - "you've gotta try this, it's better than store-bought" as he reached for his third ear of corn. Another boy said, "have you tried that - my mom made me take some, and it is really good, I didn't think

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  3. Which is healthier: white-shelled eggs or brown-shelled eggs?

    Which do you prefer - white or brown eggs?

    There are more chickens on Earth than there are people. With nearly 19 billion chickens around, that means there are a lot of eggs! There are two main types of chickens - egg-laying and broilers. Broilers are raised for meat and may still lay eggs. We grow egg-layers on our farm; they are pets with extra benefits. From the egg-layers, only about 9% lay brown eggs in the US. In New England - more than 51% of eggs sold are brown! No other region of the US comes close in preferring brown eggs. So what is the difference between a white-shelled egg and a brown-shelled egg?

    All eggs start out white
    Growing up, we saw brown eggs only if they were locally raised from a small flock. There are even more colors of eggs, like

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