Home Canning

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Call, email or visit us at the farm stand to put your name on the waiting list for any of these items:

Strawberries (multiples of 8 quarts)

Blueberries (multiples of 12 pints)

Tomatoes (20-25 lb boxes) – plum, rounds, San Marzanos, grapes

Ground cherries



Eggplant (multiples of a bushel & 1/9)

Cucumbers (multiples of a bushel & 1/9)

Pickling Cucumbers (multiples of a half bushel)


We offer our harvest through a waiting list first and reserved date pickups as available.

Keep an eye out for seconds and blemished produce that is suitable for canning and sauces – typically available in August or September.  They are a great way to plan for winter flavor.