About the Vegetable CSA

We will accept new member applications for the 2019 Farmer Harvest Program online after February 1st 2019.  For information on the program - Farmer Harvest Program.  Renewals are being accepted now online, by mail or in the farm stand.  The program runs from June to September.  Folks that would like to join should sign up for our newsletter here to be alerted for program openings.


Our Farmer Harvest Program is a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program.  You can purchase a share of your farming community harvest.  You can expect a bounty of the best products available each harvest.  The Farmer Harvest Program runs for 15 weeks.  You can also upgrade your weekly harvest with optional items such as eggs, milk, fresh yogurt, meats, or roses from our farming friends.


Weekly pickups at our farm store are available on either Wednesdays or Saturdays during our normal business hours (9 - 6:30pm).  We also offer corporate options click here for more information.


Our family will hand select the week's harvest for you.  The actual content of the boxes vary with each harvest.  Depending on the growing season we will have fresh strawberries, lettuces, peppers, eggplant, beans, cabbage, cucumbers, tomatoes (five or six varieties), sweet corn, peaches and apples to name a few.  Please note that the first two weeks of this program tend to have cold crops available (greens and squashes). If that is not for you - we offer the 13 week program that starts two weeks later.


We utilize integrated pest management practices on our farm (IPM).  Our produce is not organic however we grow with our own family in mind as well as yours. We use minimal fertilizer, pesticides or chemicals as we do operate under an integrated pest management program which produce consistently high quality plants and produce.  If you have sensitivities or specific concerns - talk to us about it.


By purchasing this program you are agreeing that you understand that this is a community supported venture and that, although Farmer Joe is committed to the best of his ability to produce high quality produce, there are risks in agriculture that need to be shared with the whole community. You understand that your full payment entitles you to a weekly share of the produce harvested at Farmer Joe's Gardens during the growing season. Failure to pick up share during set times without prior notification will result in loss of share for that week and it will be donated to Master's Manna (a local food pantry and soup kitchen in Wallingford).