Gift-A-Share Program

In Connecticut, one in 8 people struggles with hunger.

My family has been growing food for four generations and we are thankful for food on our tables as we know there are neighbors that are not as lucky.  My grandfather taught me that folks shouldn’t have to beg for food, he always had a box of vegetables.  What can make folks reach out for food can be the sudden loss of a job, an unexpected raise in utilities, and medical bills -  you never know when you will need a hand too. 

With Your Help, From Farmer Joe’s Gardens to a Local Food Bank
Farmer Joe’s Gardens offers a program where you can gift one or more of our CSA boxes to those in need. We will provide both Masters Manna and the Meriden Soup Kitchen, with CSA boxes. As always, newsletters will be included with the boxes. Recipients will be encouraged to access the recipe service, since there will likely be some vegetables and herbs in the boxes that they are not familiar with.

We also accept food donations from the community that we will bundle with our donations to increase the help for these local food banks.


Food insecurity data from Feeding America and Craig Gundersen: Gundersen, C., A. Dewey, A. Crumbaugh, M. Kato & E. Engelhard. Map the meal Gap 2017: A Report on County and Congressional District Food Insecurity and County Food Cost in the United States in 2015. Feeding American, 2017.

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