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Farmer Harvest Program Market Style

2019 Program Is Closed - Available to purchase in Feb & March only

Bonus credit to buy your favorites & support local

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Farmer Harvest Program Market Style

We added a market-style CSA option at the farm stand to expand our Farmer Harvest Program. This program is offered during only during February and March to help us get planting. Everyone loves to have a "taste of the farm" experience, and we know that a CSA isn't for everyone. This is a simple and value-packed way to shop at our farm stand, and a great way to support our farm! With a Market Share you are purchasing a credit early in the year: then you can simply visit our farm stand in Wallingford seven days a week during normal stand hours between May and October and choose your veggies or flowers.

There are two great options for Market Shares. The Healthy Eater and The Sampler come with additional bonus credit--essentially a discount on farm stand products! If you select a share value that qualifies for a bonus, you will receive an additional credit that will be automatically applied to your account. Membership in our Farm Rewards program is required for this program, if you are not enrolled we will guide you on how to enroll.

  • The Healthy Eater A $400 credit toward your farm stand purchases. A BONUS CREDIT of $40 will be applied, for a total of $440 market credit (10% off our farm stand prices).
  • The Sampler A $250 credit toward your farm stand purchases. A BONUS CREDIT of $20 will be applied, for a total of $270 market credit (8% off our farm stand prices).


You can use your Market Share credit to purchase any veggies, fruit, herbs, or flowers we have for sale at our farm stand. We will keep track of your purchases and let you know your balance each time you visit through our Farm Rewards program. Once you spend it down, you can purchase another credit in the farm stand.


Being a CSA member is not for everyone – big summer trips or other plans sometime throw a wrench in this great plan. A market share is a great way to buy your produce up front to get more value for your dollar! Also, it is a great way to support your farmer by paying up front for your vegetables, helping us buy the seeds, equipment, and other things we need to grow the highest quality, most delicious produce and beautiful blooms for you.


Market Shares will be redeemable during 2019 Farmer Joe’s Gardens market season. Your balance cannot roll over to another year or be used for purchases outside of our farm stand. If you have a balance at the end of the season, we recommend you stock up on veggies and store them for winter eating!

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