Your friendly local hub for plants, food, and agricultural experiences

Welcome to Farmer Joe’s Gardens, the perfect starting line for a healthy green lifestyle! We offer a diverse range of community-supported agriculture (CSA) products specially prepared by modern farming enthusiasts.

You may choose to grow some plants, enjoy a steady supply of fresh produce or join and contribute to our flourishing community - we highly recommend doing all three!

Join our farmer harvest program (CSA)

This is great program that connects you with your farmer. Your farmer seeds, plants, grows, harvests, prepares, cools, and packs a basket for you each week full of summer flavors.

Why you want us to be your farm

We’re glad you asked! We believe that you can go a long way in helping us protect the environment, spread the word on eating clean, and encourage healthier lifestyles. By joining our community, you also:

  • Support local and ethical agricultural practices while reducing your carbon footprint.
  • Enjoy the freshest and tastiest produce lovingly harvested and prepared by our wonderful farm team.
  • Enjoy a steady supply of fresh produce that pampers your tastebud and nourishes your body.
  • Gain newfound excitement and appreciation for gardening and colorful floral blooms.
  • Learn more about the agricultural processes involved in bringing delicious food to your plates.
  • Meet like-minded individuals with a passion for farming and gardening practices.
  • Develop a bond with your young ones as you raise chickens together and chase them around the backyard.
  • Benefit directly from experienced farming methods. We are a multi-award-winning farm with accolades such as National Outstanding Young Farmer of the Year, CT Outstanding Young Farmer, NRCS (two times). What this really means is that we prioritize quality at our farm, and we will continue to provide you with the most memorable CSA experience.

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