Animal Experiences without Long-term Commitment

We help you experience a small taste of life on the farm with our Rent The Chicken and Hatch the Chicken programs, offered throughout Connecticut and the surrounding areas. We also offer Chickens For Sale if you're looking for a more permanent addition to your household or facility.

Rent The Chicken

Rent The Chicken is a 6 month outdoor rental experience that is offered April to October, and May to November. The program includes adult hens, coop, high quality chicken feed (non-GMO feed available), waterer, feeder, guide for taking care of your chickens, and a copy of "Fresh Eggs Daily" by Lisa Steele.

Hatch The Chicken

Ever wanted to hatch chickens? Let us bring a new and exciting program to your home or facility!

Hatch The Chicken is a 5 week indoor program to experience the educational and amazing hatching process to welcome up to 7 chickens into your home. There are multiple dates available from February to October.

Delivery Pricing

Delivery, setup, and pick-up of the contents are included in our Rent The Chicken and Hatch The Chicken programs for the first 50 miles from our farm stand in Wallingford. Deliveries outside that area will have an additional transportation fee added.

Chickens For Sale

Looking for a fun and unique addition to your family? Look no further than our adoptable chicks or adult chickens! We have a variety of breeds available throughout the year, including standard and bantam varieties. We're unable to guarantee gender or breed, but all of our chickens make wonderful additions to any home.

Email us if you want to be notified as chickens become available. By choosing our chickens, you’re supporting your local farm community and promoting a sustainable lifestyle. Preference is given to those that are willing to accept chickens that have already paired and those that are looking for roosters.