About Us

It’s a challenge to eat healthy with a hectic schedule, yet, nutritious food can go a long way in giving you the energy to thrive in the fast-paced world! And summer is the perfect time to begin a healthy diet as fruits and vegetables ripen and blossom.

You may wear many hats ... a spouse, a parent, a driver, a cook, a gardener ... As Farmer Joe and Homestead Ida raise their own children, they want to share heaps of experience from their farm.

Why choose us?

We’re glad you asked! We believe that you can go a long way in helping us protect the environment, spread the word on eating clean, and encourage healthier lifestyles.

By joining our community, you also:

✔ Support local and ethical agricultural practices while reducing your carbon footprint.

✔ Enjoy the freshest and tastiest produce lovingly harvested and prepared by our wonderful farm team.

✔ Enjoy a steady supply of fresh produce that pampers your tastebuds and nourishes your body.

✔ Gain newfound excitement and appreciation for gardening and colorful floral blooms.

✔ Learn more about the agricultural processes involved in bringing delicious food to your plates.

✔ Meet like-minded individuals with a passion for farming and gardening practices.

✔ Benefit directly from experienced farming methods. We are a multi-award-winning farm with accolades such as National Outstanding Young Farmer of the Year, CT Outstanding Young Farmer, NRCS (two times). What this really means is that we prioritize quality at our farm, and we will continue to provide you with the most memorable CSA experience.

We Love What We Do!

Like many of you, we grew up watching our parents and grandparents garden, cook, and tend animals. We want our kids to learn why a fresh-picked tomato is worth the wait.

We want them to come home to a house with brilliant flowers framing the door, and we want them to pop back out to give the flowers a drink before dashing off to their games. We look forward to our winter pantry being full of summer preserves, and we teach them how to home can.

As we raise our family, we feel it is their responsibility to utilize good and safe farming practices. Our growing and working methods keep the environment in harmony while producing healthy, delicious, nutrient-dense, and diverse plants and produce.

Through education, communication, and responsible growing practices, we help folks hug their roots.

Drawing on four generations of farming mentorship from his family and three generations from her family, Farmer Joe and his wife, Ida, pride themselves in the beautiful plants and produce grown by the family and sold at their farm store.