Farmer Joe is the fourth generation farmer of the DeFrancesco family of Northford, CT. He and his wife, Ida, pride themselves in the wonderful plants and produce grown by the family and sold at their farm store. As they raise their family, they feel it is their responsibility to utilize good and safe farming practices. Their methods grow and work keeping the environment in harmony while producing healthy, delicious, nutrient dense, and diverse plants and produce.

Integrated Pest Management or I.P.M. is part of our sustainable agriculture farming practices. I.P.M. means we watch our greenhouses and field crops, scouting diligently for potentially harmful pests. When a pest has reached harmful levels, Farmer Joe determines the safest method for removal. Some of the controls Farmer Joe uses are: manually picking off insects, utilization of predator insect, us of natural and organic sprays. Crop rotation is also utilized throughout our fields to improve soil health and decrease pest risks. Farmer Joe uses no GMOs.

Farmer Joe's Gardens is located on family land that has been a chicken farm, geese farm, turkey farm, and apple orchard. The land is now growing vegetables and plants to continue the tradition. Farming remains a cornerstone in Wallingford, Connecticut, and our family intends to be part of it long into the future.

Named National Outstanding Young Farmers of America in 2016. Named Connecticut Outstanding Young Farmer in 2015.

Connecticut farms are thriving and growing in new and exciting ways. Our small family farm produces garden plants and a bounty of healthy, fresh food available in our farm store located at 109 Leigus Road, Wallingford, Connecticut.

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