Raising kids on a farm is filled with never-ending adventures. It can be difficult to juggle farm and work responsibilities with quality family time. But at Farmer Joe's Gardens, we've found that involving our children in age-appropriate tasks and spending meaningful moments together can cultivate precious memories that will last a lifetime.

Our kids have learned so much from their daily interactions with the land and animals. From feeding the chickens each morning to helping with vegetable harvests, they take pride in contributing to our family farm. But it's not just work - we make sure to carve out time for play too.

I remember those Saturday nights, gathered with my family, playing a card game with our phones put away. It was a simple yet unforgettable experience, where laughter and friendly competition filled the room. Those nights hold a special place in my heart, reminding me of the bonds we formed and the happiness we shared, these are the moments that truly nourish our family's bond 

Weathering Storms: Balancing Farm Life and Family Time

The demands of farm life present challenges like unpredictable weather and long hours. On those particularly demanding days, it's all too easy to feel overwhelmed, pulled in countless directions, and tempted to simply bury ourselves in work. But in those moments, we remind ourselves to take a deep breath, to pause, and to check in with one another.

Even a rushed 15-minute lunch break can be transformed when we choose to spend it together, sharing stories and laughter. We take a moment to gauge if our boys need a break, understanding that they are still children who yearn to play and explore. And when the load feels too heavy, we find the courage to ask for help, knowing that a helping hand can make all the difference in getting that one more load of tomatoes out of the field. In these small moments of connection and support, we find solace and strength to carry on, knowing that we are not alone in this beautiful and challenging journey.

In life, storms can come in many forms, not just those dictated by the weather.

Sometimes, the bumps we encounter hit us just as hard as a flood, leaving us feeling overwhelmed and uncertain. In those moments, it's crucial to be fully present, aware of the subtle shifts in our loved ones' moods and emotions. Even when they won't open up or respond after multiple attempts, simply being there offering our silent support can work wonders in calming the storm within them.

Growing up is a challenging journey, and along the way, we encounter people who may not always be kind. We also come to realize that we don't get to choose our family, with all their complexities and struggles. But in the face of adversity, we find strength in unity. We pull together as a family, intentionally engaging in activities that provide respite from our troubles.

A trip to pick up our weekly CSA share becomes more than just a chore; it becomes an opportunity to embody our family values. We support local farmers, prioritize our well-being by choosing nourishing food, and create connections with our neighbors.

As we watch the chickens and sit together on a bench, breathing in the fresh air, we engage in the little conversations that pave the way for the bigger, more challenging ones. In these moments of connection and shared experiences, we find solace, resilience, and the courage to face life's storms with unwavering love and support.

Harvesting Harmony: Nurturing Your Farm and Family with Grace

Prioritizing tasks and building a support system are key to finding balance. Here are a few tips we've learned:


  • Involve kids in age-appropriate chores to teach responsibility and life skills.
  • Schedule dedicated family time for activities like playing games or visiting the mini pig and goats.
  • Accept help from friends and family during busy seasons.
  • Host a dinner party and invite people over to connect in person.

The art of balancing work with family is an ongoing journey. But by cultivating teamwork and treasured moments together, you can grow a life of wonder for your kids.

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