Farmer Harvest Program (CSA)

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Community Supported Agriculture | Farmstand | Delivery

Two sizes offered: full share and medium share

Packages offered:

Entire 18 weeks

Bi-weekly 18 weeks

Flexible share (15 of the 18 weeks)

You commit to eating fresh fruits and vegetables starting as early as May.  This is great program that connects you with your farmer.  Your farmer seeds, plants, grows, harvests, prepares, cools, and packs a basket for you each week full of summer flavors.  Includes recipes, newsletters, 24-7 veggie identification support, and much more.  You will start off the season by telling us your preferences for each crop we grow.  We use your preferences to build each farm share.  Each week you can customize your share further to fit your plans.

Customize YOUR Farm Share

All our farm shares are offered in partnership with Harvie's software platform.  Harvie is a software platform that helps CSA farmers like Farmer Joe's Gardens meet our customers' needs through a customizable farm share program. 

  • Upon enrollment, you set your preferences for all crops we grow
  • We use your preferences to build each basket, all season
  • You can refine your basket each week and add extras
  • Pickup days on either Wednesdays or Saturdays
  • Delivery is available on Wednesdays and Saturdays - delivery areas will be refined as shares are sold - sign up early to ensure your neighborhood is included!

When you sign up for a Farmer Joe's Gardens farm share, you will do so under our sign up page on the Harvie website.  Each week's share will be based on your preferences. For example: don't like beets? You will never get them in your share! And each week you can further customize your share, as well as order extras if you like.  We're very excited about this innovation in CSA farming and we know you will be too!  Join the adventure!

 Ensure you are connected to the farm and know what farm-fresh food is picking.